Originally from the Paris, France, Gilles Tolen has had the opportunity to work in world renowned restaurants such as ‘Café de la Paix’ at Opera, ‘Jule Vernes’ at the Eiffel Tower and “George V” at the Four Seasons. It was during this period that he became familiar with the basics of French cuisine.

He went on to join the “Scribe” team as “chef de partie” to reclaim the famous Michelin guide star lost a year earlier. After recovering the star a year and a half later, Gilles continued his journey in Paris until 2010 where he settled in Quebec to join Normand Laprise as chef at the “Brasserie T “on the Place des Arts.

He quickly discovered and adopted regional products to his cuisine which helped build his reputation within the Montreal food scene. He went on to start his own Home Chef company where he spent six years sharing his experience and creativity through his dishes, before joining Henri Brasserie Française as Executive Chef.

Gilles is a fan of simple and elegant cuisine, showcasing the best local seasonal products that he likes to enhance while retaining their natural appearance. His dishes are tasty and absolutely delicious.